The World Junior Championships are under way and it has been exhilarating to this point. The tournament has the top 10 national teams competing on the bright stage with up and coming stars of the ages 20 years and younger. This is always a goldmine of talent playing at an elite level. As per usual the tournament has some favorites alongside some weaker opponents as well. The Canadian team as to no surprise won last year and look to defend their title, they currently have the most titles with 16. Helsinki, Finland is the host of this years 2016 tournament. With the hometown fans behind them perhaps they can rally up a championship run. The preliminary rounds are a good measuring stick to see where your country ranks among others. However you can not read to far into them because the playoffs are a single game elimination, so it's safe to say it's anyone game on any given night! Stay tuned for some great hockey and enjoy the tournament!

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Alright hockey fans we have playoff hockey upon us! Who is the goalie that will lead their team to the promise land to hoist the greatest trophy in all of sports? We have already seen Jonathan Quick revive his team from the dead and lead them to the second round. Carey Price and Tuukka Rask are battling out their series in the trenches, and Anaheim has switched back to their go to veteran Jonas Hiller. Don't worry we didn't forget to mention Rangers beloved Henrik Lundqvist who seems to carry his team on his back year after year. The man who does not receive the credit he deserves is Corey Crawford who has already notched a Stanley Cup onto his resume. Will Marc-Andre Fleury exercise his demons and quiet all the critics? Only time will tell. We will have to stay tuned as it should be a great couple of months upon us!

Winter Olympics

With the Winter Olympics opened up here we are all just on standby for some men's ice hockey. Many would argue this is the game at its purest and most graceful form. With wide open ice, speed and world class skill dominating the stage its hard not to agree. Every four years hockey fans are graced with this spectacle. Par for the course is all star cast for almost every lineup. With teams such as; Canada, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia and more, there will be fantastic goal tending all around. With so many great goaltenders to select from, it's got to be difficult to pick your starter as a coach for any of these teams. Some might say go with whoever the hot hand is, but what if you have multiple goalies who are playing well? Do you flip a coin or have Quick, Miller, and Howard rock, paper, scissor for it before the game?. Needless to say it should be great spectating for us fans and I personally feel we are in for a real treat! Young up and coming goaltenders out there get out your pens and pencils because school is now in session! Enjoy the festivities!